Represented by: Bad internet connection.
The reason behind this is: The Temperance Tarot card represents bringing about balance, patience and moderation to your life. Waiting for your phone to load requires patience, and may mean you are overworking your phone.

Represented by: Ketchup exploding out of the bottle, ruining your food.
The reason behind this is: The Moon Tarot represents illusion, deception and misunderstanding. The struggle of getting ketchup out of its bottle annoys many people, the projection of the ketchup can often be misjudged, drowning your food in ketchup.

Represented by: Dropping your phone down the toilet.
The reason behind this is: The Tower Tarot card represents danger, crisis and destruction. Most people admit that breaking your phone is the worst 1st world problem and dropping it down the toilet is the most embarrassing way to do it.

Represented by: Half your biscuit falling in your cup of tea.
The reason behind this is: The Lovers Tarot represents relationships and choices within an existing relationship or a temptation of the heart. Tea and biscuits are known for tasting brilliant together, unfortunately for us, biscuits have a tendency to break and ruin a much-loved beverage.
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