We dump 8 million tonnes of plastic into the sea every year, entangling, drowning and poisoning a vast number of creatures. It breaks down into toxic particles, adding another layer of pollution to the oil spills, sewage, factory waste and agricultural run-off that chokes our oceans. We know more about outer space than we do about the depths of the ocean, and yet we are killing our seas before we have even fully discovered the wonders that they hold. 

This photoshoot is part of a wider project, exploring the abuse of the seas. This image shows a hand, dripping crude oil clutches a powerless fish with a harsh grip.  This composition of the powerful almost fist like pose emulates the classic ‘power to the people’ image associated with activism. The oil, is now the colour of stale blood. I wanted to create a visual that would stay with the viewer and make them consider the way their choices affect the wider environment. I explored both bringing this subject into the studio and photographing it on location at the beach, but felt in the end, the artificially lit shots against a plain background had an extra impact due to their clarity and the simplicity of the composition. The style of lighting, usually found in fashion and accessory shoots, is here repurposed to raise questions about our throwaway culture and the way we need to think harder about the environmental repercussions of our lifestyle choices.
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